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Destination: Charleston SC

I was happy to arrive in Charleston SC. It was still early in the year and the weather up North had not been, what I hoped for. This far South, temps were already in the 80’s and sun & blue skies in abundance.

church and more churchesHistoric Charleston is a relatively small area, with a big dose of history, architecture and a church on every street. Meeting and King Street offer good shopping and the outdoor cafés create a relaxed atmosphere. Add a City Market and a grand promenade, and you’ll have one of the nicest towns in America.

This was the second town in a Three City Tour. After visiting Washington DC, Charleston seemed more accessible with a compact town center, but for a dog owner many limitations remain. The city does make a good effort with pet waste bag dispensers in many of its parks, dog parks and dog access to its visitor center. On a hot day, you’ll find that many store owners will place water bowls for Fido at their entrance. Overall a welcoming place.


2016 Three City Tour

Washington, DC.
Charleston, SC.
Upcoming: Savannah, GA.

Your car however, is not invited. Like many other cities, parking is at a premium; prices high and parking spots in very short supply. Add to that a small RV, like my Ford Transit and you’re out of luck! One downtown parking garage on Mary Street, accommodates a few small RVs, but that location fills up quickly.

I arrived at noon and the parking garage on Mary Street already filled up. Was lucky to find a parking spot at the visitor center (max. $16.00 a day), but don’t enter with an Extended Length van: you may not be able to leave.

The visitor center offered little or no options for the visiting dog owner, as pets are banned almost everywhere. I then reverted to my self-planned walking tour. Charleston is an example of how a city should be planned: cozy alleys, a church at every corner, small parks with benches, often situated around an old statue, stone walls, cemeteries, outside cafés, fountains and overused horse carriages.

A lesser-known attraction near the center of Charleston is The Gateway Walk; a pedestrian walkway along churches, cemeteries, alleys and gardens, covering a three city block area between Archdale Street and Church Street.

At Oyster Point, the land meets water, where sailboats and cruise ships fight for your attention from a seat in one of the seaside parks. I saw at least two marriage photo shoots taken place in this picturesque corner of South Carolina. Without a dog, I could have stayed a couple of days longer, but late afternoon I returned to my van and left for Savannah.

2016 Three City Tour

Washington, DC.
Charleston, SC.
Upcoming: Savannah, GA.

The Gateway Walk

the gateway walk

“Through handwrought gates alluring paths lead on to pleasant places, where ghosts of long forgotten things have left elusive traces.”

Before I left, I strolled along part of The Gateway Walk; a semi-hidden area of walkways, stretched out over three city blocks. Construction was going on and that limited my access to only the first half. It’s a unique part of Charleston, meandering along churches, through cemeteries along shaded pathways, truly peaceful in an otherwise bustling little town.

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