4 Florida Hikes

Permanent Vanlife is still about one year away, so I decided to get a feel for it, by planning multiple one-week trips in the van, throughout the US Southeast. This time I visit South Florida.

A much more detailed account of the trip can be found at AmericanVanLife.com

South Florida

Jones/Hungryland WEA campsite

Today is a day full of hikes, that starts out at the Jones/Hungryland WEA. With an online reservation, I reserved a free campsite in one of their two locations. With only one spot available here, I was the king of my own kingdom for a day.

Spruce Bluff Natural Area TH

About 30mi away, in Port St. Lucie, this nature preserve which is located in a residential area, hosts two different trails. While relatively short, they’re both quite interesting. The first hike is about one mile long and wanders through a former planned community. While some improved paths remain, most have returned to their original state.

Oxbow Eco-Center TH

Another 20mi further north, I found this center that hosts several miles of hiking trails. I did spend a couple of hours exploring the southern part of the property, but as I headed north, many of the trails had some standing water from recent rains and I decided to save that for another time and go to my favorite hiking area in Florida.

Fort Drum Marsch ONA

It is a special area that has likely preserved its authentic character, because of its relatively remote location and limited access. While you can always enter on foot, a free permit is needed to drive along the 2 mile access road.

Bull Creek campsite

I spend the night at another free campsite, but this time I was lucky. Bull Creek is in fact a hunters camp and this was the last night, before closing until fall. I was almost alone, but that is what I strive for 🙂

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