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A van conversion is a complicated project, where you constantly will face new problems, that have to be resolved before you can continue. You will routinely lack the experience to make a wise decision, without the back up of a professional.

Support is what you need and the ever expanding list below, of van build resources will help you along the way. Read about them all, before you even start with the actual conversion itself.


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Long before the conversion takes place, you should have started collecting and saving images, descriptions, website addresses and videos of all the things, that you would consider for your own van build.

Research each topic, get acquainted with the pros and cons and find out what the experience is from other Vanlifers. Then see, how all that fits into your build and lifestyle.

Vehicle Forums

Vehicle specific forums have a wealth of information about the vehicle itself and its conversion. If you got questions, someone is always there to help you along!


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Source for large variety of bolts, nuts & other fasteners.


UV-LED Water Treatment System.


Overall best & convenient source for supplies.


Source for many cheap knock-offs.


Source for a variety of Shellac Flakes.


You are fortunate, when you already have a Woodworking Shop at your house; this will make the whole build much easier. But for others without an extensive collection of large woodworking tools, there are some affordable alternatives, that will do a similar job.

A basic electric circular saw can be transformed into a decent DIY table saw, that allows you to make straight cuts. A similar DIY router table can make delicate cuts or edgings.

Usually you already own a few basic tools (or a lot), yet to get a good understanding of how many tools you need, to complete this full Van Conversion, have a look at this build’s tool list.

How To’s

Two examples of
How To build
a Table Saw

How To build a Table Saw
How To build a Table Saw

Part 1 & 2 of
How To build
a Router Table

Router Table – Part 1
Router Table – Part 2
Replacing a Jointer & Planer
How I do Formica
How To Splice a Wire
How To use Plusnuts
How do I prepare Shellac Flakes

Van Build Videos

Low Budget


Low Cost Van Build


Truck camping & Travel


Low Budget Vehicle Tours

Van Conversions


Van Conversions

Greg Virgoe

Van Build & Travel


Van Build & Travel


Van Build & Travel

Solar & Batteries

DIY Solar Power

with Will Prowse

Other Resources

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2015 Ford Transit Body and Equipment Mounting Manual

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The missing parts of the complete van conversion process are being added regularly to this Build Guide. If you want to suggest a specific build option for this guide, submit a content correction or have a general inquiry, send me an email.

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Disclaimer: Throughout this guide, all guidance, building techniques and other information are based on my own experiences of converting a cargo van into a Tiny House on wheels. This guide is only for informational purposes; always build according to local and national standards. Be aware that such a project is expensive, requires a substantial amount of broad knowledge of building techniques and involves more work hours than you can imagine. Besides of hitting a finger with a hammer, much more serious harm can be done when you work with 12V/120V electrical systems, propane installations, power tools, etc. Tapping into the vehicle’s own systems can also damage its functionality. Get professional help where needed; never take any risk!

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