Subscriber Meetup

Watch all my videos on YouTube! I’ll be heading to the RTR in the Quartzsite area of Arizona and there is the opportunity for all of you to meet me and look at the current state of the van build. I’ll try to be there during the entire RTR, which is held between January 9th… Continue reading Subscriber Meetup

ATSC 3.0 Means Better OTA TV

Improved Free Over-The-Air TV May Benefit RVers This new OTA television standard promises many improvements over the current free Antenna-TV and two features are significant for the average Boondocker or RVer. TV reception in an RV is at best acceptable, but more often non-existent. Particularly, when your home-on-wheels is parked far out-of-town or at that… Continue reading ATSC 3.0 Means Better OTA TV

Travel Update

With the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse, I decided to take some time off and drive in my van from Central Florida to Anderson SC to watch this unique phenomenon. While the proper eclipse only lasts a minute or two, the entire event is spread out over a couple of hours. The complete darkness during the… Continue reading Travel Update

The Future Of Water Purification

Scientists at Stanford have developed a fast, water disinfecting device using nanofilms and visible light. It is relatively small, but could have a big impact on both hikers and boondockers. The glass tablet is topped with bits of copper and “nanoflakes” of the industrial lubricant molybdenum disulfide. “UV light only counts for 4 percent of… Continue reading The Future Of Water Purification