Mobile DVR Installation

Hiding The Front-Facing Camera Watch all my videos on YouTube! Integration of a mobile DVR in a conversion van or RV can be quite complicated, with many parts that have to work together. From DVR, display, cameras, wires and a multitude of connectors, sometimes it is overwhelming. Today I started with the front camera, a… Continue reading Mobile DVR Installation

Front Parking Sensor

Removal of the front bumper is the biggest drawback while installing this parking aide. The previously installed backup parking sensor, had a quickly removable rear bumper; the front bumper involves dozens of screws, bolts, clips and clasps. The firewall is another unexpected hassle, together with the power source and switch location. The backup parking is… Continue reading Front Parking Sensor

Today’s Snapshot

Just finished the front bumper parking sensor. Having it in front, requires an in-line switch. The full project will be published on the Project Page soon, in the meantime you can have a look at how I installed the similar rear sensor.

Pre-Mod: Rear Parking Sensor Strip

In advance of the Live Broadcast, I have been preparing the installation of a parking sensor strip in the rear bumper of my Ford Transit conversion van. To prepare, I have already surveyed the parts of the van that I will be working on, to analyze what tools and materials I need.

Making Sense Out Of Vehicle Sensors

The first few projects for the van conversion are being planned and it is time now to dig into the installation details of the rear sensors. The rear proximity sensor forms an extra layer of protection when backing up the van, in addition to the factory installed backup camera. It supplements the visual data from… Continue reading Making Sense Out Of Vehicle Sensors