Today’s Snapshot

Installation of the insulated floor is almost done. Today I worked on the stainless steel fasteners. In the coming weeks I’ll be posting all the details and videos. You can find the project at Mod: Insulated Floor.

The Ultimate Guide To Flooring

Creating a (sub)floor as part of the conversion of a cargo van is a fairly straightforward process. Yet many construction types and materials have to be chosen in advance, to head off any unexpected complications that can influence the integrity of the entire project. The first line of attack in a van conversion is often… Continue reading The Ultimate Guide To Flooring

Is Any Floor Material Good Enough?

Living in a confined space, with the outside dirt just next to your living room floor, results in constant dusty floors. Basing the selection of a flooring material on cleanliness, durability and weight, should be a priority. A common choice in RV’s is regular carpet, which is affordable, easy to install and comfortable to walk… Continue reading Is Any Floor Material Good Enough?

I Like Dirt

I never liked tile or vinyl floors. Of course, the quality of vinyl flooring has improved substantially over the years, yet getting up in the morning and having my warm feet struggle with the coolness that a tile floor can bring, still raises my anxiety level. And then there is the cleaning: whether it’s a… Continue reading I Like Dirt

Floor covering

From the beginning I planned to replace the carpet by a similar product but a little compacter and sturdier. But during my last trip I was reminded how quickly such a small place can become dirty. So I started looking around for alternatives. A floating wood floor was attractive, but not practical when the floor… Continue reading Floor covering

Poll: Floor covering

As always, I am already thinking about and preparing for the next phase in this project. Before going any further, I’ll have to finish the floor covering. The easy way to go is a cheap, lightweight carpet, but soon I started thinking about office carpet for its durability. Then other choices popped up: Carpet: regular,… Continue reading Poll: Floor covering

Floor insulation

  As a base for the interior, I decided to put in a ½” thick piece of plywood on top of ½” rigid insulation board. I started to fill in lengthwise indentations of the metal floor with strips of a thin insulation material, to maximize the R-value.   Subsequently the insulation boards were applied. This… Continue reading Floor insulation