Van Ceiling Panel – Part III

I continue where I left off in the previous article Van Ceiling Panel Part II. As a reminder, I use an automotive tweed protected against daily wear and UV, very similar in color and texture as the front seats of the van.

Before I can install the ceiling panel, I still have to finish and attach this black foam block above the sliding door, as well as a small cabinet that houses two switches and the gas heater control knob and a top cabinet.

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Pantry Build

This pantry is located above the passenger side wheel well. The bottom half consists of four drawers, the top half has three dividers.

Like all the other cabinets in the van, the doors and drawer fronts will be installed at a later time. And there is also still some work to be done at the top of the cabinet regarding the shower.

To finish this project, I will install a separate upper cabinet between the pantry and the sliding door next.