2015 Hyundai H350

HYUNDAI WILL BE PRODUCING A FULL-SIZE CARGO VAN FOR THE EUROPEAN MARKET, WITH LOOKS VERY SIMILAR TO THE FORD TRANSIT, MB SPRINTER AND RAM PROMASTER. It will come in a rear-wheel drive with a 2.5-L 4-cyl turbo diesel, with resp. 148/168 hp and 275lb-ft/311lb-ft torque and a six-speed manual transmission. Distance between wheel wells 54.3… Continue reading 2015 Hyundai H350

2015 MB Sprinter

THE 2015 MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER WILL RECEIVE A SERIES OF IMPROVEMENTS ON TOP OF THE COMPLETE REDESIGN OF THE 2014 MODEL. Some of the new features are: A 7 ft. roof height is added to the line-up. All-wheel drive version beginning next year. A standard engine with 18% less fuel consumption. Crosswind assist, blind spot… Continue reading 2015 MB Sprinter

Ford Transit Bus

1937 Ford Transit Bus

NO SIMILARITIES WITH THE 2015 FORD TRANSIT, BUT THE FORD TRANSIT BUS WAS A SMALL BUS PRODUCED BY THE FORD MOTOR CORPORATION FROM 1936 TO 1947. The engine was originally placed at the front, but a rear-engine version replaced the original design in 1939. Ford constructed the chassis, which were then fitted with bodies constructed… Continue reading Ford Transit Bus

Nissan NV400 Euro Van

  For many years, the Cargo Van market has suffered from a lack of innovation; this dry spell ended recently with the introduction of the Nissan NV200, the RAM ProMaster and the upcoming 2015 Ford Transit. Now Nissan is introducing a larger NV400 van into the European market, which looks very similar to the Transit… Continue reading Nissan NV400 Euro Van

2014 Cargo Van Comparison

  With the new Ram ProMaster cargo van now for sale at your local car dealership and the new Ford Transit coming early 2014, it was time to compare the 5 most popular cargo vans. With the European styling of the current models, a substantial shift in their use as a RV conversion may occur.… Continue reading 2014 Cargo Van Comparison

2014 Ram ProMaster Van

The 2014 line-up of the Ram ProMaster Van is the second introduction of a European style commercial van, after Ford’s early announcement of its Transit van. The ProMaster is based on the Fiat Ducato, with some adjustments and refinements for the American market. As a front-wheel-drive-only, it differentiates itself from other currently available vans. The… Continue reading 2014 Ram ProMaster Van

2014 Ford Transit Van

In the second half of this year, Ford will introduce the 2014 Transit van to the American market, thereby replacing the aging E-Series model. It is basically the full-size van that Ford has been offering in the European and Asian markets for many years. Despite a recent make-over in these markets, Ford made further adjustments… Continue reading 2014 Ford Transit Van