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Converting a Ford Transit van, keeps me very occupied and this is the place where I’ll keep my daily activities updated.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

More Accessories

Found a few more 12V switches for the front sensing system and placed an order. Also received my new studio lights, which I’ll use for the website.

SEPTEMBER 25, 2015

Today The Van Is Built In The Kansas Factory

The official birthday of my new 2016 Ford Transit cargo van.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2015

Ordered Studio Lights

To offer a better experience on this website, I decided to upgrade and expand my photo & video capabilities. I purchased a kit with several studio lights and different backgrounds, to improve the quality of my photos and videos. This is in addition to a tripod that I bought a few weeks ago. More is to follow, to enable future LIVE broadcasts.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

Ordered RV Accessories

Things getting more real now. Ordered a Dual USB Charger Outlet, with 5 Volt – 1 Amp & 2.1 Amp outputs to charge the increasing number of electronic gadgets that are part of our life nowadays.

SEPTEMBER 18, 2015

Car Loan

Car loans approvals have an expiration date. This was the time to finalize the loan.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2015

Window Sticker

Today I was able to pull my official Window Sticker from Etis.Ford.com. It showed an updated build date of September 25, 2015. The vehicle is now scheduled for build and the dealer is billed for the vehicle. I was able to verify the vehicle features and options again.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015

Received My First Parts Order

The front & rear sensing systems arrived by mail from China. Well packaged and fast delivery. Will order from China again.


Ordered Front & Rear Sensing Systems

First order of parts/accessories placed. With the seller located in China, this also functions as a test case, concerning delivery time and product quality.

AUGUST 25, 2015

VIN Number Received

Factory created the VIN number and projects a build date of September 21, 2015.

AUGUST 13, 2015

Maintenance Schedule

With the (digital) owners manual in hand, I created my personalized maintenance list. Download the Maintenance Schedule here.

AUGUST 4, 2015

Confirmation Order Copy Received

The dealer emailed me a ‘copy of the Confirmed Order’ with the dealer code and order number. This shows what was input at the dealership level. If there are errors to the order or delays in a particular option, this will be noted at time of order.

JULY 31, 2015

Van Purchase

With the best offers in hand, I sat down at my local dealer and one hour later I was the proud owner of a new van. Just have to wait another 3 months to get it delivered.

JULY 20, 2015

Van Negotiations Start

Today I sent out emails to about 16 local and out-of-town car dealers, requesting bids for a 2016 Ford Transit cargo van.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Update”

  1. I own a 2015 Transit 350 high roof, extended length. I saw the video of the European Transit motor home and it showed both front seats swivel. I can’t do that with mine due to the emergency brake, can you tell me where I can find the passenger swivel base. I also wonder the difference between the European version and where the placement of their brake is. If you could help me it would be a tremendous help. So far I have only started using peel and seal for sound deadening. I found that many of the wall frames didn’t get adhered to the inner side of the outside wall. With time I’m sure they would cause a rattle. I really enjoy your information and will continue to follow your articles.
    Thank you
    Jim Schurman

    1. The difficulties of a driver’s side swivel seat are well-known. It may be possible by replacing the emergency brake with an electronic replacement. I have little documentation about it and it may invalidate warranties, yet may warrant further investigation.
      Acquiring a passenger swivel seat is not really a problem anymore, with some exceptions. Those are:
      – Price: limited availability still make it a expensive (approximately $330.00) proposition.
      – Installation: I haven’t heard of a flawless installation yet. At minimum you may have to drill a few extra holes or install the swivel backwards. I have no personal experience with it yet, but will report about it, when I’ll put one in my van.
      Be sure to buy one with a wide enough center opening to guide the electrical plugs through.

      Currently, I know of the following two US-based companies where you can order:

      One UK-based website ($275.00/small center hole):

      Please, do your own research before buying.
      Although, the American and European versions of the Transit are based on the same specifications, many differences exist between both models.

      I have a Medium Roof 148” LWB cargo van and found that it is fairly soundproof, and I expect even better performance after the conversion is completed. The only installed soundproofing I found, were three patches on the ceiling of the cargo area.
      (look here: Enough Sound Insulation and Transit Miscellaneous)
      I may add some over the wheel wells (against transmission through vibration), but that will likely be all (except for the sound insulating properties of thermal insulation). That is based on my minimal requirements as a NON-audiophile and the fact that noise could only be a problem while driving, which happens only occasionally when boondocking.

      Thanks for your interest and if you have other questions, you can always post them in one of the forums.

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