DIY Separating Toilet – Part 7

This time, I install the toilet cabinet and connect the drain to the waste water system.

Before the toilet cabinet is attached to the floor and side cabinet with screws, a Forstner bit is used to create a large hole, to allow passage of some electrical wires to an electrical outlet and some lights.

The toilet drain is connected to the waste water system underneath the van, with a flexible hose, that allows the toilet to slide in and out of the cabinet.

The Waste Piping

The waste piping goes into the 13 gallon waste water tank through a prefabricated hole at the top of the tank. After removing the plastic seal, I add some PVC reducers with thread sealant to the tank. From there, a 3/4 inch PVC pipe is guide at a slight angle, over and along the tank and chassis to the other side of the van, where the toilet is located. Hanger straps are used to keep it all fixed to the chassis.

Electric Dump Valve

A previously installed electric valve on the outlet of the waste water tank, connected to the house batteries and with an on/off switch located at the van’s dashboard, will release the gray water from both the toilet and the kithen on demand to an appropriate disposal system.


Waste water tank release valve
Pipe Hanger Strap
Pipe Thread Sealant
Forstner Bit
Woodworking Clamps
Blue PVC Glue
Socket Wrench
PVC Pipe

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