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Dual Alternator Kits

Dual alternators offer to double the amperage available to your house batteries, while keeping the original factory charging system intact.


The Mercedes Benz Sprinter has had an option for a while now, for a second alternator. Not many RV’s have a real need for such an upgrade, but especially with the introduction of large Lithium battery banks in RV’s, they may prove to be indispensable.
No other van had this option available, either as OEM or after-market product until now. Several companies are offering these kits for the Ford Transit and Ram ProMaster, but don’t rush to the store yet without a big fat wallet.

With average prices around $1500.00, these will not fly off the shelves. And not everyone has a need for such a setup. But if you have a large battery bank and Lithium, that allows for high amperage charging, the pros may outweigh the cons. Besides price, we still don’t know whether the warranty on your car is affected and how extended idling of the motor may cause mechanical problems.
Having an alternator charging your house batteries, yet completely separated from the vehicle’s electrical system has its advantages.

This kit for a Ford Transit comes with:


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