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ford transit customer connection point

The Ford Transit, like many of its competitors, is equipped with a Customer Connection Point (CCP) that enables the upfitter to access the surplus electrical power produced by the engine’s alternator.


A direct connection between alternator and the house battery bank of a RV has always been the acceptable way of charging the batteries. But vehicle alternators have been changing in the past few years and less suitable for this kind of setup.

A pricey alternative is the installation of a dual alternator system that works completely separate from the vehicle.

To make things easier for the consumer, Ford included a 12V access point (CCP) in every Transit.
It has up to three fused connectors, each with a maximum 60 Amp output. My 2016 Transit arrived with only one connection point and that’s sufficient for most of us, certainly for the small and temporary inverter that I just bought.


Today I received my CCP kit (BK2Z-14S411-A) from the dealer. It consists of two 60 Amp fuses, two metal braces and a few bolts and nuts. Installation should be fairly straightforward, yet it involves a lot of work: removal of the powered driver seat and removal of the car battery, which is located beneath this seat.

After completion, I have 180 Amps @ 12V available, which could accommodate an inverter of up to 2000 Watts. Wait for the installation description and videos that I’ll publish at a future date.

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