Garden Water Station

This simple dual water point offers easy access to water anywhere in your garden. It includes storage of a permanently attached hose of up to 50 ft. at the backside, mostly hidden from view. This easy weekend project has a price tag of about $30.00, with all of its parts available at your local superstore.


Top & Sides

005Start by cutting the top and the two sides out of the 10 ft long 2 x 6 PT board.

006007Route a 20” long stopped dado, along the inside of both side boards, from the top downwards.



002001Cut a 8” and 9½” long piece from a PT 2 x 4 and cut a dado down the middle of each piece.


003Glue and/or screw both parts together.

004The water is supplied through a ½” PVC pipe that will slide snugly through the center of the spout.



009008Cut the 6 face boards to length and use a router or tablesaw to create rabbets on each end.



Remove a 1½” x 3½” area in the center of one of the face boards. This is the location of the main spout. Attach the spout with glue and screws. Test fit all pieces.



015014Place the bottom face board between the two sides, square everything and clamp all the pieces together. Permanently attach the board with screws into both sides.


016017Add another three boards, followed by the 2 x 4 with the spout attached. Add the final face board and the top.

022024023Join the PVC pieces together, then construct and install the rear spout. Add both faucets to the PVC pipes and connect them to both spouts with screws.

025026027Fit the rear brace and slide it over the plastic pipe. Attach with a few screws.

029Finally screw the hose hanger into the rear brace.


030Find the right spot on your property and install your new Water Station. Connect it to your waterline and insulate as necessary.



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