Onboard Compressor – Part 3

In this final episode of the Onboard Compressor installation, I resolve some issues with the Engine Run signal from the Ford Transit.

Previously I guided the compressor harness through the engine bay firewall to the area behind the glove box and from there, the wiring is guided behind the center console and under the floor, between the two front seats, to the driver’s seat pedestal.

The positive wire is connected to the CCP (Customer Connection Point) and the black power wire to a standard grounding point between the two seats.

The Switch

The smaller wires are pulled alongside the hand brake housing. This is also the location for the Illumnation signal pigtail and the Engine Run signal (inside the pedestal).

I cut a hole in the front of the bottom housing of the hand brake, to accommodate the compressor switch and attach the remainder of the wiring harness.

CCP Customer Connection Point

I do the same with the two signal wires from the battery location to the switch. Now, independently from the compressor, the ‘night’ light on the switch will light up, when my driving lights are switched on.

After a hiccup with the Engine Run signal wire, I also manage to get a signal to the relay, which in turn allows the compressor to turn on, when the engine is running.

Each time the tires need air, I open the hood, start the engine and turn on the switch. This puts the compressor under pressure, which you can hear for less than a second.

I pick up the hose, open the hood and insert the hose. Then I can attach the other end of the hose to the tire’s valve stem for a quick dose of air.

On The Road

When I finally get on the road, I might deflate my (front) tires from 49 to 20 psi when I encounter a long washboard road or after I get stuck in the mud. Before I enter the paved highway, the tires wll be re-inflated to the proper pressure.

Just to get some insight, I deflated a front tire to 25psi and it took me 1min and 15sec to get it back to 49psi. That means that an average re-inflation of all four tires can be done in around 5 to 7 minutes. Not too bad 🙂


Bluetti EB55 Power Station
ARB Compressor
ARB Hose Kit
12V Air Compressor
Wiring Pigtail Kit 3U2Z-14S411-JBA
Pull Wire

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