1. You could make closed curtain with a metal ring at the top that you connect to the ceiling of your van when are in the shower. This way you don’t need an entrance that can leak. If the ring is smal enough it will fit in your basin.

    1. Hey Xavier,
      I like the idea of a closed curtain, but always planned for it to be wide at the top, but that would make a small enough ring at the top an issue. I’ll be experimenting with a few ideas to see what works; will put yours on the list too. Installation of the cabinets for this drawer will not happen before early next year, so you’ll have to wait till then.

      Van Williams

    1. Mine are 23-1/4″D x 22″W x 9″H, but that is fully dependent on the size of the tub insert that you’ll buy. I’m getting closer to a full install of the drawer in my kitchen cabinets, so watch.
      Van Williams

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