Sunpak 5200D Tripod Review

sunpak 5200d

As a content provider I concluded that it was time to improve the quality of my images and videos and I decided to setup a small one-room studio. The first component I could think of, was the camera tripod. This multi-use item can be applied to close-ups, video talks or to outside sessions.
Being new to camera and video equipment, I decided to buy an inexpensive tripod to try out its features and upgrade afterwards a more professional one.
I was lucky to find the Sunpak 5200D at for a ridiculously low rice of $9.00 and wondered how bad it could be. It turned out to be a positive experience.

The tripod comes well-packaged, preassembled and ready-to-go. A one-leaf manual is included, but really unnecessary for this product. Very lightweight (1.8 lbs), which makes it ideal to carry along on a hike or other trip.
I have tried it now for a couple of weeks and am quite satisfied with it. It performs well, it’s so light that you can lift it with one finger and its legs slide smoothly and are locked with plastic clips. The camera base can be raised even more by turning the lever. When you unlock the head, it can turn 360 degrees and turning the handle, will make it swivel forwards or backwards.

The panhead itself has a bubble level and a quick release plate with video indexing pin to quickly mount your camera. I have only two main criticisms that are far outweighed by its $9.00 price point. In its fully extended mode, this tripod is still a bit short (52 inches) and, while it operates smoothly, its components are flimsy at best. Nevertheless, used as a fixed tripod in my studio, it has been serving me well, without costing me an arm and a leg.


A fully functional tripod for $9.00, that taught me which functions I use and which features I use. My future replacement will be taller, a bit heftier and the leg locking mechanisms must be much more solid.
For little money, it serves you to make a better decision about any future professional tripod.

Sunpak 5200D Tripod Review
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