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Ceiling Insulation & Art Work

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Got a good start with the ceiling insulation of the van and continued work on the oil painting that will brighten up the van.

The insulation consists of three layers of 1/2 inch Poly-Iso with an R-value of close to 10. I would prefer a fourth layer that also covers the ceiling cross-members, but height restrictions in the Medium High roof Ford Transit van, prevent me from doing that.
The purpose of the art work is mainly to add some color to the mainly white interior. Continue reading Ceiling Insulation & Art Work

Installing A Cable Gland

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Now that the solar panels are installed and roof wiring added, it’s time for the cable gland to lead the MC4 cabling into the interior of the vehicle.

While black cable glands are readily available, I ordered the wrong color and had to paint it to remain somewhat stealthy. I used a primer before applying the black paint, that I used before on the flange of the roof vent. Continue reading Installing A Cable Gland

New paint for Transit

When the first Ford Transit comes off the assembly line, later this year, it will come with a new paint application. The two-wet monocoat process results in a more durable finish at a lower cost. Currently, this highly specialized process can be applied to white vans only, so the other colors and the metallics will keep their separate conventional paint system.

Magazine Rack (3)

Assembly and Finishing

All the parts are now ready for assembly.


Now that all the parts are ready, it’s time to glue and clamp everything together.


After a couple of hours drying time, the rack gets a final sanding.


A quarter is used to indicate the corners at the top of the two side panels. They are sanded off on a edge sander.


After working on it for some time, I decided not to attach the pencil holder.


The final step is the finishing. First remove the dust with some pressurized air.


The rack is flooded with some tung oil which is allowed to penetrate the wood. After a few minutes the excess is removed with a paper towel.


The next day the rack is sanded again with 400 or 500 grit sandpaper.


Two or three layers of shellac are applied to the surface, each with a sanding in between.


After the final layer of shellac it gets a light sanding with 0000 steel wool. Followed with a good coat of furniture wax.

Ready for some magazines, a journal, writing paper or even your IPad. The magazine rack will be directly attached to the wall with a few screws thru the back.

Build the perfect conversion

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Bed, Wall & Window

Before continuing with the other side of the van interior, it’s time to put the wall and window above the bed, back together again.
Two issues remain: the battery cables and the solar controller cable need to be installed. The other is the decision I have to make, whether to go ahead with batting as insulation or choose a foam product.

Despite some negative comments about the batting material, it has served me well over the years. On the other hand, spray foam would do a better job in filling all the little air pockets in the walls. Some people, however, have mentioned a squeaking noise while driving. Have you any thoughts about it?

4041The original wall panel is still around. The covering is removed and the plywood base is what we have to work with. I could copy it to a new, one-piece sheet of plywood, but it is in a condition to be reused.

Continue reading Bed, Wall & Window

Multi-Use Cabinet (8)

After my last post, I took a short brake, but now I’m refreshed and at it again. We are in the final stretch of the multi purpose cabinet and next time I hope to have it ready to install in the (cargo) van conversion.

123Meanwhile, to prevent any noise made by the cooktop cover while driving, two rare earth magnets are installed and covered by a thin wood plug.


A bit of super glue does wonders.

Next is the folding shelf.

122125It’s attached with a piano hinge at the bottom and two bolts at the top. The open space above is the second access to the cooktop.


126Time for some paint work. The maple top and the two vertical decorations got three layers of paint. The gray color should contrast the reddish finish of the cherry cabinet.


134133The top is attached to the cabinet with 4 screwed in blocks.


127At the same time, both side panels are fitted and temporarily installed. With those panels installed, the electrical outlet follows. I use the scroll saw to cut out the hole.


128129And finish it off with the outlet and plate.


130131To change the very solid look of both sides and to accentuate the airy feel of the two front legs, the legs are cut out and the opening finished with a downward curve.





Window frame painting (2)



Continued today with the side door window frames.



First I removed the door lock pin.



Followed by the window hinge lock.



And finally the screws.



The door looks quite bare without its frame.



Now I still have to dismantle the frame. The blinds were first.



Followed by its connectors.



Now I had a clean frame to paint.


017 018 019



An hour or two later everything looks brand new. On the second side door I included the vertical center panel.



Before and after. As you can see I also painted the door handle frame as well as a cup holder.


Window frame painting


If I had bought a new van, I would have made new wooden window frames, but since the existing frames are still in good order, I have decided to paint them. Last week I bought a spray paint specifically for plastic.

Unsure whether it would hold on the frames, I tried it out and the results were great.

006I sprayed a large side frame, the rear door center console panel and both rear door frames and almost did it with one bottle. The dark green was replaced with a light tan color that will fit well with the three color scheme (tan, red cherry and dark gray).



The bottom of one frame has to wait until I have a fresh supply of paint. I calculated that I needed 2 or 3 more bottles to finish the job.