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Window frame painting


If I had bought a new van, I would have made new wooden window frames, but since the existing frames are still in good order, I have decided to paint them. Last week I bought a spray paint specifically for plastic.

Unsure whether it would hold on the frames, I tried it out and the results were great.

006I sprayed a large side frame, the rear door center console panel and both rear door frames and almost did it with one bottle. The dark green was replaced with a light tan color that will fit well with the three color scheme (tan, red cherry and dark gray).



The bottom of one frame has to wait until I have a fresh supply of paint. I calculated that I needed 2 or 3 more bottles to finish the job.

110V Wiring

030To continue work on the bed, the 110V outlets are next. A small and simple job. The only 110V will be available at 2 outlets, one at the side entry doors and the other at the rear doors. They will both be connected to an inverter.

031I started with a shallow outlet box at the rear side of the bed, just below the rear door light. I used an ordinary Romex cable and routed it along the side of the bed to the inverter compartment.

032 The cable itself is covered in plastic tubing. The inverter will be installed after the solar is done. The result was more than acceptable.


Removal cont. 2

015I have two lights that switch on when the rear doors are opened. They have to be removed, but I have plans to reinstall one or both of them at a later time, so I have to be careful not to damage them.

016Everything nicely installed with connectors and screws, thus it took me only minutes to take them off.

017The remaining 12V wires will be used at a later time.

018Next, the valance over the future bed (rear passenger side). Just barely attached with 2 screws. Astonished that it never dropped down. I wonder what would have happened in an accident.

019Work done for today! Tomorrow I’ll continue with the safety belts.