Tank Accessories

One unit consisting of a tank, a water pump, fill & dump valves and connectors


The fresh water tank is located inside the vehicle to avoid frozen lines in winter. The tank and accessories are contained within a standard cabinet* or one with its size adjusted to the size of the tank for the ease of building and installation.

Recommended Tank Size

20gal – 1 or 2 Person(s)
40gal – 1 or 2 Person(s) & extended boondocking


The location of the fresh water tank should be inside the vehicle to avoid frozen waterlines in winter.

Towards the rear doors would minimize hose length and avoid penetration of the walls for a water supply access point.

Cost Issues

More expensive water tanks have baffles inside the tank which minimize water movement while driving; their cost is usually 2-3x as much as the basic fresh water tank.

Which Parts To Choose


cabinet – a base recommended unit of 16″x16″ at heights of 23″ or 35″.

– city water inlet
– wall hydrant for shower