My First @Vanlife Vlog

This is my first travel vlog, just local for now, but it gave me the opportunity to test some things out, like camera positions while driving, video transitions, music and location info. Soon I will travel in my still unfinished van, for a week, to North-West Florida and hope to bring home enough video material… Continue reading My First @Vanlife Vlog

Hiding The Wires

Building a box to hide the wiring above the rear doors. Covered with some of the leftover Tweed from the ceiling. As a bonus, I include a hidden box to stash my valuables. To hide the existing wires above the rear doors, I build a cover out of 3/32 inch plywood. To give this plywood… Continue reading Hiding The Wires

Van Ceiling & Other Mods

I install a cabin filter in my 2016 Ford Transit, create a semi-automatic tire inflator, add a combined smoke & CO2 alarm and add more strips along the edge of the ceiling to secure and finish the ceiling. The main objective now to finish the ceiling throughout by placing Tweed covered strips along the sides… Continue reading Van Ceiling & Other Mods

How I Do Formica

One needs some skills to work with Formica or Laminates and while I am no expert at this, I found my own ways to deal with Formica. This video shows the techniques I use. Whatever you do, you are working with fast and dangerous cutting tools, so be safe. TOOLS & MATERIALS* Weldwood Contact CementJ-RollerWoodworking… Continue reading How I Do Formica