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The new Ford Transit cargo van is arriving soon and the conversion will start soon afterwards. To engage more readers and get them more involved in this project, I have planned several new features for this website.

Starting Wednesday, October 7th, 2015 @ 4 PM EDT, I will be holding the first Free LIVE Chatroom event, where I’ll have an update on my New Ford Transit cargo van and will discuss some of the issues I’ll face during the conversion process.
You’re invited to join me and chat about Van Conversions or anything related to modifying your RV. Let’s talk about vehicle choice, tell your boondocking stories or introduce us to your favorite campsites.

If we can make this a recurring event, more changes are coming, but I need your participation! If you want to take part and you have specific questions that require research, include those questions in an email and send it to me, well in advance of this Chatroom event.

Not having done anything LIVE before, your input about the time and day of the week for future events, are important to me. I’m on the East coast and a late afternoon session makes it convenient for West coasters too; just let me know what your preferences are and I’ll try to schedule future events around that.

If you want to receive a reminder prior to the event, then sign up here and get notified by email the day before the event.

You can join me on October 7th in our Chatroom at!

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