Custom Picture Frame

frame Every home likely has a picture hanging in need of a real nice custom frame. With prices sometimes exorbitantly high, the wood workshop is a great place to put together your own unique design, perfectly fitted to your picture!



As with every project, we focus on lumber selection first. Our choice is often limited to what we have on hand and is further constrained by a suitable color for the frame. A dark color doesn’t take away attention from the dramatic content, while form and contours can add to it. Walnut is a favorite and fulfills the prerequisites.

frame contoursFirst comes the dimensioning of the lumber and a couple of days later, it is cut to final length. Now the outer frame is decorated with a fluted design with the use of a ¼” rounded straight bit.


frame angleTo add to the depth of the picture, the back of the outer frame is cut at an 10° angle, followed by a ½” rabbet.


frame corner angleframe cornerframe corner splineThe four corners of the wood frame are joined with miters and reinforced with walnut splines.


frame constructionframe pre-finishedThe custom frame is assembled in the workshop,



3 coats of shellac with some light sanding in between is all that needed.




Material: Walnut

Finish: 3 coats of Shellac


Outer Frame: 33″ x 43″ (W x H) – Rail Width: 3″
Inner Frame:  24¾” x 34¾” (W x H) – Rail Width: 1-1/8″

© Nico van Dijk




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