Floor covering

026From the beginning I planned to replace the carpet by a similar product but a little compacter and sturdier. But during my last trip I was reminded how quickly such a small place can become dirty. So I started looking around for alternatives. A floating wood floor was attractive, but not practical when the floor is always moving. Probably the best solution was vinyl, but that is not my first choice, until my research on the net, resulted in vinyl planking. Other RV’rs were using a Home Depot product called TrafficMaster Allure Ultra, although Lowes has a similar product.


027It’s almost indestructible and looks quite a bit like it’s wooden counterpart with the same type of interlocking mechanism. Hopefully fewer scratches and more flexible. Only negative was it’s weight, which will amount to approx. 70 lbs. Choice quickly made.


025However, I was depending on the carpet underlayment to hide the subfloor screws. So first thing was to make them flush with the plywood.


028 029 030



The actual installation was a breeze; there is no glue or fasteners. Adjusting the width or length is easily done by scoring the surface of the vinyl with a sharp knife and then breaking it off. For inside corners I also used a really small hand saw.

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