Florida Vanlife – Trip 01d06

Permanent Vanlife is still about one year away, so I decided to get a feel for it, by planning multiple one-week trips in the van, throughout the US Southeast.

Part of a 7-day trip to the Florida Panhandle in my Ford Transit Van Build.
Day 6

Besides enjoyment, the goal of these multi-day journeys is also to get a sense of Vanlife and to add or change part of the setup in the van, if necessary.

A much more detailed account of the trip can be found at AmericanVanLife.com

Florida Panhandle

Airport Cemetery

On this last day of my trip to the Florida Panhandle, I got up early, to visit a special place with a view. It was still dark, when I entered a narrow corridor that led to a former pauper’s graveyard, around which the airport built its runways.

9/11 Whale Sculptures

One man’s grief over the national tragedy has manifested in a pod of homemade whales on his front lawn. The owner of the property designed and built these sculptures, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

Ghost Town of Ellaville

Founded in 1861, when George Drew, businessman and first governor of Florida, built a home on the banks of the SuwaneeX river.

This day I explored the bridge and a small park, adjacent to it. A short trail leads to the location of the former Drew mansion, but with so much overgrowth, I could not find any of its foundations. Only history remains.

Falmouth Springs

At a short distance from Ellaville, I hike the short trail to Falmouth Springs, the so-called “world’s shortest river”.

The short walk leads to several stairs, going down to both ends of the “river”. Not an incredible location, yet worth a 10-minute stop to see this phenomenon.

White Sulfur Springs Ruins

This former resort got its fame by proclaiming the health benefits of its sulfuric spring water.

When I visited, access to the building was blocked for repairs, but it is visible from the main road.

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