Four Hikes,Heat & Humility

eastern Alabama

This trip will lead me on a 14-day tour of eastern Alabama, western Georgia and a slice of Tennessee.

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Heat and hiking on the first two days of this trip took its toll on me and Joey. I woke up this morning at the High Falls trailhead. A perfect solitary boondocking experience.


After cleaning up, an early morning meal and a stroll with Joey around camp, we prepared for the morning hike to High Falls with and extension on Odum Scout trail for a total of about 8 miles. Within the first half mile we started climbing along the creek.

The first pool had a dryfall, but further climbing over steep stairs, brought us to the main pool with a meager waterfall. This must be a beautiful site in spring, when water rushes down into the creek bed.


A few short rests, we continue on the Odum Scout trail, which should lead us to two impressive overlooks. After we left the stairs behind, the trail was actually fairly easy, but the constant rise in elevation was starting to affect us both.

With the time restraints that I set, this hike would fall a bit short. The oppressive summer heat made us turn around at 2/3 of the way and on our way back, drops of rain made us hurry to get back to the van.

Since I didn’t get to see the two endpoints, the highlight of this hike as actually High Falls; The Odum trail was a bit boring forest walk, without many views or wildlife.


We got back to the van in time, before the rain intensified. So I decided to drive to the small, nearby town of Lineville to restock my food supply.

Unfortunately the rain continued into the afternoon, so I cancelled the second hike of the day and headed to a scenic overlook early.

Cheaha Scenic Overlook

After the rain stopped, I enjoyed a wonderful sunset and decided to stay overnight. It was an out-of-the-way location and besides a few locals that evening, I was alone all night.

Cheaha Mountain State Park

It was only a few miles the next morning, to Cheaha Mountain State Park and I had another three hikes on my list. Cheaha Mountain is the highest point in Alabama. The peak hosts a wonderful tower, built by the CCC (Civil Conservation Corps) in the thirties.

Cheaha Mountain Express Trail

A short hike along one side of the mountain and while it was a comfortable hike to start the day, nothing spectacular.

Bald Rock Overlook Trail

Barely half a mile away is the most interesting boardwalk today, to Bald Rock Overlook. At the end of the trail, a rock outcrop affords unobstructed views of the landscape below us and with Joey, I spent some time relaxing, before returning to the van.

I decided that the third planned hike, just outside the park, was a bit too long for my current condition and continued to the last hiking location.

Morgan Lake

Close to Morgan Lake, the last trail of the day had bad parking, very close to the road. After moving to the nearby lake, I concluded that the added distance was too much and I rather wanted to enjoy a quiet afternoon by the lake.

It was the perfect location for some boondocking and like most times, I had the place to myself.


  • High Falls & Odum Scout trail ➜ 33.3703,-85.8430
  • Cheaha Scenic Overlook overnight ➜ 33.5100,-85.7599
  • Cheaha Mountain Express trail ➜ 33.4786,-85.8090
  • Cheaha Mountain Bald Rock Overlook trail ➜ 33.4903,-85.8118
  • Morgan Lake overnight ➜ 33.5591,-85.7269

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