Is A Workshop Essential For A Van Conversion?

The Right Tools For The Job
Not every conversion is the same and that also applies to your tools and capabilities. A simple conversion with a bed from 2 x 4’s and a couple of store-bought cabinets, doesn’t require much more than a hammer and screwdriver.

A full-scale job, with a professional finish calls for a multitude of disciplines and often more than an average ability to solve the problems at hand. Frequently, you may decide to outsource part of the work.

A true workshop with an adjacent garage to store the Cargo Van would be ideal and likely unavailable to most of us. Here in Florida, outside parking is acceptable, but work in the summer heat will be oppressive. Half of a double garage can function as a true workshop with enough space for basic equipment.

Much of the interior finish involves some woodworking skills and for top-notch results, basic woodworking machinery is essential. At minimum a tablesaw, jointer and planer are needed for furniture like construction, yet a tablesaw alone, would be sufficient for basic work.

The diversity of work requires different tools and materials for each job. Plumbing, electrical, woodworking, solar, car mechanics, propane supply and the appliances, all need broad knowledge and often specific tools. If either is lacking, you’re better off outsourcing the work and enjoy the supervisory role you can play.

Pay proper attention to safety during the conversion process. Hazardous woodworking machines can cut off fingers, propane can explode or start a fire and you can be electrocuted by ‘harmless’ 12V. Have all safety equipment nearby, such as First Aid, fire extinguishers, etc. And know what you’re doing, otherwise call in the experts.

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