Is electricity the future of Van living/camping?

zenith electric ram promaster

Zenith Electric has made available an electric version of the Ram ProMaster cargo van.

It has an electric drivetrain, including a 180-hp motor and a 62.5-kWh bank of lithium-ion phosphate batteries and a list price of $89,500, that can be offset by a federal tax credit of $5,500 and perhaps other grants or credits. It removes the powertrains from completely finished vans from Chrysler, and installs the electric equipment.

The trend towards electric vehicles is compatible with solar charging of RV’s and a welcome development towards the ‘Back to Nature’ attitude of many Van campers. Those who park in unserviced areas, could divert some of their solar charging capacity towards their vehicle’s batteries, but at this time, the 62.5-kWh battery requirement by far outstrips the availability of power from any solar RV panels.

To become reality, Van range and/or battery efficiency has to improve dramatically in combination with a substantial increase in charge stations, before electric cargo van conversions will become reality

For now, just keep dreaming…..

Zenith Electric Cargo Van
Top Speed: 60 mph
Range: 120 miles (may vary due to temperature & terrain)
Drive: BorgWarner with regenerative braking
Charge time: 6.5 hrs (optional 3 hr charger)
Batteries: LIPO 4 62.2 kWh

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