Life on a String

Permanent Vanlife is still about one year away, so I decided to get a feel for it, by planning multiple one-week trips in the van, throughout the US Southeast. This time I visit South Florida.

A much more detailed account of the trip can be found at

South Florida

I decided to add an extra day to my weeklong trip, so today I’ll visit a somewhat hidden, yet old cemetery and do a 5 mile hike through a Florida hammock with thick patches of palms, oaks and other native trees.

Bull Creek campsite

Last night I arrived at Bull Creek Hunting Campground for another free overnight stay. I was lucky, as was made clear to me that the campground was closing tomorrow for the season.

Bull Creek Cemetery

At a short distance inside Bull Creek, an old cemetery was preserved. Amid overgrown brushes, an attempt was made to clear quite a few graves and gravestones from the 1800s until very recently.

Taylor Creek Trailhead

The Taylor Creek parking area is a bit difficult to find without a GPS location, as it is directly located on a main highway, fenced off, without signage or an actual access road. Once there, you have to open and close the gate to enter a spacious parking area, from where the loop hike starts.

Tosohatchee WMA Campsite

Tosohatchee is a large nature area and has only three campsites (with online reservation). It is a short drive from Taylor Creek and after a short stop at the campsite, I decide to first explore the wildlife area by car, before I settle down for the night.

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