Pre-Mod: Rear Parking Sensor Strip

parking sensor

In advance of the Live Broadcast, I have been preparing the installation of a parking sensor strip in the rear bumper of my Ford Transit conversion van.

To prepare, I have already surveyed the parts of the van that I will be working on, to analyze what tools and materials I need.

extension wiresensor packageThe sensor package was ordered some time ago and contains a processing unit, speaker and sensor strip. In the broadcast I’ll show how to dismantle the plastic cover of the rear bumper and install the sensor strip and then guide the wire to the chassis. I already made a short extension wire, that can be disconnected whenever I need access to the bumper again.

bumper clipsbumper clipsThe bumper cover is attached to the van with screws at the top and clips at the bottom.

sensor speakerThe processing unit will be hidden within the chassis and will be protected against harsh weather, yet still easily accessible. The speaker will be internally guided to a location high off the floor in the rear of the van.

trailer tow harnessThe 16 gauge wiring will follow the trailer wiring to the trailer harness. This is all well described in the BEMM (Body and Equipment Mounting Manual for Ford Transit Download – Size: 40 Mb).


trailer tow connectorAt the end of the standard trailer harness, I will tap into the rear signal line and connect the ground at at predetermined grounding location.

The entire installation might normally take about an hour, but doing it alone and working live with cameras, sound equipment and computer, it will likely be an extended session.
The previous live events have been plagued with sound issues, which I have tried to resolve during the last few weeks. Got a different camera, new sound recorder (for post-production) and I’ll be trying out a wireless mic as well.

I hope you’ll find the time to attend. In the next few days, I’ll post the time and details of the YouTube broadcast here on the website and send an email to those who have signed up for the live broadcast notifications (or you can sign up here!)

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