IOTA DLS-55/IQ4 12V 55Amp 3 Stage Battery Charger

Converter/Charger – 55Amp – Switch mode technology provides the quality battery charging and power conversion your RV needs. Features clean DC output, two charging modes (13.6V and 14.2V), low operating temperature, built in protection, and more. Works in conjunction with the IQ Smart Charger for automatic three stage battery charging, providing safer charging and longer life for RV batteries.



Product Features

  • Converts nominal 108-132ac voltage to 13.4 dc voltage for both load operation and 12v battery charging
  • Ideal for charging all types of 12 volt lead acid batteries including flooded, absorbed glass mat ( agm ) and gel cell
  • Includes the iq4 smart charge controller which automatically provides three-stage battery charging for safer charging and longer life for your system’s battery
  • 3 Stage charging: bulk, absorption and float stage
  • As a power supply the unit’s tightly controlled regulation allows the user to operate a nominal 12vdc load up to 55 amps

Product Details

  • ASIN: B0030G7YXC
  • Item Weight: 5 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 6 pounds

Product Description

If the DLS voltage remains in the long term stage for more than 7 days the IQ smart technology will automatically deliver a boost charge for a predetermined time then automatically return to the normal float stage. features a dual voltage jack allowing the user to manually select between 13.6v and 14.2v charging. DC no load output voltage ( approx ) : 13.6v ( dc ). Output voltage tolerance ( no load) : + or – .7%. Max continuous output amperage : 55 amps. Output voltage ( full load ) approx : 13.4v ( dc ). Maximum continuous power output : 750 watts. Ripple and noise :80%. Max inrush current, single cycle : 40 amps. Short circuit protection and overload protection. Thermal protection. Line regulation: 100mv rms.


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