Victron Energy SmartShunt

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  • The new Victron Energy SmartShunt IP65 is waterproof and displays battery State of Charge % and acts like a fuel gauge for your batteries
  • Victron Energy Smartshunt IP65 is an easy to setup, all in one battery monitor. It records voltage, current, energy and time remaining, and much more. Keeps records and charts of historical data and alarms
  • Connect Victron Energy Smartshunt IP65 to your phone or tablet via Bluetooth and easily modify settings or monitor your batteries, save space by not using a dedicated display
  • Optionally connect to a Victron Energy GX device with a VE.Direct cable, monitor a second battery, bank midpoint, or temperature (may require additional parts)
  • Incorrect installation can be hazardous. Consult a professional and follow electrical codes during installation
  • The shunt and cables can limit Bluetooth range, typically 10-15 meters, which is usually adequate. However, nearby electrically conducting elements like vehicle chassis or seawater can reduce range further. To address this, add a VE.Direct Bluetooth Dongle and deactivate Bluetooth in the SmartShunt.
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