Solar Blanket And Day4 Tech Solar Panel Review

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This is a short review of two brand-new flexible solar panels. The Day4 Tech panel looks very similar to the current flexible panels, but uses two fine wire meshes to connect the individual solar cells together, one mesh on each side. They replace the bulky silver contacts, seen on regular panels.
While bending these panels, may still break some of these contacts, the panel’s power output is usually not affected, as many more contacts remain.
The Solar Blanket is the ultimate solar panel for outdoor use. It’s a rugged, high efficiency panel, that folds up into a one square foot package. I found that the best use, was by placing it on the front windshield of the vehicle, as this also blocks the sunlight from entering the van.

118W Day4 Tech Flexible Solar Panel
– Can bend up to 30 degrees (may hear cracks then, when the connections between the cells break, but the cells are still connected because of the Day4 tech).
– The front has a wire mesh; the back too, but hidden behind the TPT backsheet.
– Made with ETFE.
– Waterproof front and back.
– Weight: 3.75 lbs [1.66 kg].
– Pmax: 118W
– Vmp: 18V
– Imp: 6.5A
– Voc: 21.6V
– Isc: 7.3A
– 18% Efficiency
– 15.2 in. x 41 in. [385 mm x 1040 mm]

120W Solar Blanket
– Made with ETFE.
– Waterproof front and back.
– 11 lbs [5 kg].
– On sale $719.00 (May 2018) [MSRP $999.00].
– Pmax: 120W
– Vmp: 19.8V
– Imp: 6A
– Voc: 23.8V
– Isc: 6.2A
– Fold out size: 36.6 in. x 42.5 in. [930 mm x 1080 mm]
– Fold up size: in. x in. [ mm x mm]
– Warranty 2 years
– Anti-reflective and scratch resistant ETFE coating.
– Available 6.5W, 11W, 13W, 38W, 60W, 105W, 120W, 160W, 200W.

Link Solar
120W Solar Blanket
118W Day4 Tech Flexible Solar Panel

Day4 Solar Panel
flat windshield
time Isc Voc wattage Isc Voc wattage
9 AM 3.56A 21.9V 78W 5.80A 21.4V 124W
12 PM 5.52A 20.4V 113W 5.94A 20.6V 122W
4 PM 2.11A 20.7V 44W 5.28A 21.4V 113W
Solar Blanket
flat windshield
time Isc Voc wattage Isc Voc wattage
9 AM 3.35A 23.6V 79W 5.44A 23.0V 125W
12 PM 5.90A 23.3V 137W 6.35A 22.6V 144W
4 PM 1.88A 21.5V 40W 4.65A 22.6V 105W
* Testing in Feb 2018 – Florida

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