Van Conversion Projects

van conversion projects

I recently finished the first two (small) projects on the long road of a complete van conversion. At the same time I’m working on several new modifications.

dual usbReplacing a 12V outlet in the dashboard with a Dual USB socket was a quick job, soon followed by the installation of a Backup Parking Sensor inside the rear bumper. Though not very complicated, these tasks slowly build up my confidence and insight in the construction of the van.

Much more work goes into the documentation of these modifications, where I write down every detail, collect every photo and make detailed videos of the entire process. Ultimately creating a step-by-step guide for a full DIY conversion of a full-size cargo van, laid out in a series of simple steps clarifying in great detail every part of the conversion.

You can read or download both guides here:

cab curtainA fast, upcoming long distance trip has inspired me to put in some necessary elements for some very basic modifications. I have been and am currently working on a cab curtain and will start soon on the floor insulation/plywood. The first will improve protection against day and night temperature swings by separating the cabin and its glass surface from the living area. The second some insulation and flat floor space.

In the meantime, I bought a small (and inexpensive) temporary inverter to help me keep my phone and laptop charged. It will be contained inside a small box, directly behind the driver’s seat and close to the Customer Connection Point (CCP) to which it will be connected.

This inverter will be replaced later on by one or two larger Pure Sine inverters, when I start working on the electrical system.

As the collection of projects expands, they will be posted at The Projects page for anybody to read or download. If you decide to do one of the modifications yourself, you’re invited to send me some pictures of it and I’ll post them for all others to be inspired.

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