DIY Separating Toilet

Final part of the Toilet Build. I finished the toilet cabinet and installed the separating toilet.

Some is still missing, such as the drawer front and toilet front panel. Those will be installed at the end of the van build. Another missing part is the connection to the gray water tank; that part of the plumbing will be shown in future videos.

Toilet Separator / Urine Diverter
Hinges 2-1/2 x 1-9/16 Satin Nickel
Loctite ProLine Adhesive
Weldwood Contact Cement
Bessey Woodworking Clamps
DeWalt Router
1-1/2 inch PVC connector

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  1. Just learned about your channel today. Love it, it is fantastic. The van build you are doing, is the bed in the back? From the toilet build that I saw that is what it looks like.
    What part of the country are you stationed in or live?
    The van that you are building in is it a Ford transit?
    I have subscribed to your channel and am looking forward to viewing all of your videos.
    Also on the toilet build how do you empty the toilet? Have only watched part five because that is what came up first.

    Sally Reinhardt

  2. I try to keep it simple and show every details of my builds/projects. Have about 160 videos, so you’ll be busy watching the next few weeks 🙂
    The Murphy bed starts immediately behind the drivers seat and is about 12 inches deep. Go to my playlists on YouTube and you’ll find them there, sorted by category. The toilet will be approximately 36 inches behind the passenger seat. I still live in Central Florida, but hope to move into the van permanently later this year. The van is a 2016 Ford Transit 250 148″ Medium High roof.
    I haven’t finished the toilet completely yet. Have to add the door panel, but more importantly a drain line to my 13 gallon gray water tank, located under the vehicle. The solids will be collected in a plastic bag and disposed of separately.
    I love your (and other) comments. Have fun watching the videos and ask me questions, when they arise.

    Van Williams & Joey

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