First Look: 2015 Nissan NV Review

nissan nv

This is the forth cargo van review that focuses on the 2015 Nissan NV, Ram ProMaster, Ford Transit, Chevy Express and MB Sprinter. It is part of the buying process of a new van, that will be converted into a nicely finished, one-person RV.

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These reviews emphasis the elements of a van conversion, and are strictly my personal opinion and how that impacts on my conversion needs.

This week: Nissan NV

On paper the Nissan NV is not a good option for what I’m trying to achieve, with its length and lack of usable underfloor space as its biggest drawbacks, yet for a complete understanding of todays cargo vans, I wanted this vehicle to be included in these reviews.

Not many local Nissan dealers that carry the high roof model, but I found one about 50 miles away that stocks 40-50 NV’s, good enough for me to check out.

The Looks


Its right-angled form is not pleasant to the eye, yet it offers a standing height interior, that is equal to the other high roof models. Where it really falls short, is underneath with practically no available space for gray or black tanks. On the positive side, I have to admit that it is a high quality car, I think equal to the Sprinter. And the door windows aren’t obstructed by a vertical muntin as the other vehicles in these reviews are, making for improved visibility trough the side mirrors.

The first thing you notice, when entering the payload area, is the overall length. With 112 inches, it is the shortest van in these comparisons and still very appropriate for a certain type of RVer, yet too short for what I have in mind.

Its MSRP is by far the most affordable and it has the best warranty. However none of this is enough to change my mind, but those who are looking for a compact sized camper, should certainly have a look at this oddly-shaped vehicle.



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  1. Just purchased a 2017 NV2500. Saw a few conversions on the internet and decided to go minimal so this is a great high quality van.

    1. I have seen relatively few NV conversions and I don’t really know why. What are your plans with it and do you plan to live in it ?

      Van Williams

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