2022 Ford E-Transit Testing

Preparing for the release of the all-electric 2022 Ford E-Transit, this revolutionary vehicle is put through its paces at test tracks throughout the USA and Europe. The testing simulates more than 150.000 miles of driving. Extreme cold, heat and high altitude driving is simulated in Ford’s Environmental Test Chamber in Cologne, Germany; with rough roads… Continue reading 2022 Ford E-Transit Testing

The $13,000.00 eSupro Electric Van

India has been at the forefront of car development at price points, well below of what we expect in the US. The latest entry is Mahindra’s eSupro electric van at a price around $13,000.00. It has some interesting specifications: Fully electric van. Passenger or cargo van. 25kW electric motor. 90Nm of peak torque. Approx. 72… Continue reading The $13,000.00 eSupro Electric Van

Ford Recalls Certain 2015-2016 Transit Wagons

A potential issue may arise with the rear seat belt buckles. The rear seat belt buckles are being damaged when heavy objects are placed on top of them, which could cause the buckle not to latch completely, increasing the risk of injury in a crash. Ford is not aware of any accidents or injuries related… Continue reading Ford Recalls Certain 2015-2016 Transit Wagons

1300 2015 Ford Transits DRW Recalled

1300 Dual rear wheel Transits built at the Kansas City Assembly Plant between May 1, 2015, to June 26, 2015 are recalled to replace their rear axle shafts. No known accidents or injuries related to the issue have occurred, and affects mostly American vehicles and some Canadian. The rear axle shafts could fracture, causing a… Continue reading 1300 2015 Ford Transits DRW Recalled

EU versus US

I’ve been waiting for three months now on my 2016 US Ford Transit and still haven’t been able to find a version at a local dealership with the same color: Lunar Sky. Had to order from a color swatch and still hoping I made the right choice. For some reason, my friends in Europe had… Continue reading EU versus US

Ford Transit – Rail Shipments

Ford Motor Company is taking a new approach to shipping its all-new full-size Transit cargo vans and wagons to Ford dealerships across North America. The high-roof Transit offers best-in-class interior cargo height when properly equipped, but the new medium- and high-roof Transit vehicles are too tall to fit in the common two-story railcars used by… Continue reading Ford Transit – Rail Shipments

It’s My New Ford Transit

I’m pleased to announce the arrival of my little miracle (manufactured today, September 25th, 2015). My little bundle of joy will come home in a few weeks (by convoy), where I’ll help him to quickly grow up (van conversion). As an adult he’ll be able to travel the country and experience America’s natural beauty. My… Continue reading It’s My New Ford Transit

Dual Alternator Kits

Dual alternators offer to double the amperage available to your house batteries, while keeping the original factory charging system intact. The Mercedes Benz Sprinter has had an option for a while now, for a second alternator. Not many RV’s have a real need for such an upgrade, but especially with the introduction of large Lithium… Continue reading Dual Alternator Kits