Foldable Step Stool & Storage

It took me a couple of weeks, from design to installation, yet the final result is better than expected.

The idea for this project started with a comment from one of my subscribers. He suggested to close the lower step-in area at the sliding door, in favor of a one-piece, flat floor. Eliminating the chance of a strained ankle from stumbling into the lower step area and gaining some more walking space in the already small living area of the van.

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my trip to the 2019 rtr

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The conversion of my van has been a slow-going process, primarily because the weekly videos on YouTube and the other social media are taking too much time away from the conversion.
junction tx boondocking
Schreiner Park, Junction, TX

But that was all part of the planning as I had decided that 2020 should be the year that I move into the van on a permanent basis. Currently I use my van as a daily vehicle and regularly use it to spend a weekend boondocking. With the new van, that was usually very local, as it was still an empty van; with progress of the van build, the trips have exceedingly become longer and further away from the home.

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Murphy Bed Installation


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A fold-up Murphy bed for a van is the ultimate space saver and a little effort can create a unique furniture piece.

rv murphy bedMuch work has gone into it and more is waiting to be added. So far the lower cabinets and the bed are finished and the upper cabinets will follow soon. A modern oil painting with Continue reading Murphy Bed Installation

Deckfill Testing & Murphy Bed Magnets

Replacing the leaking fill dish of the fresh water tank in the RV with a marine type deckfill and testing if it works.

In addition, I worked on my small oil painting as a simple interior decorating idea for the RV and I placed multiple N52 Neodymium magnets into the legs of the Murphy bed, to keep them in place while driving.

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