Foldable Step Stool & Storage

It took me a couple of weeks, from design to installation, yet the final result is better than expected.

The idea for this project started with a comment from one of my subscribers. He suggested to close the lower step-in area at the sliding door, in favor of a one-piece, flat floor. Eliminating the chance of a strained ankle from stumbling into the lower step area and gaining some more walking space in the already small living area of the van.

It would also add some wished-for storage options at the main entry door where I could keep easy accessible items, such as a dog leash, a pair of flip-flops or water shoes. Having interior or exterior footwear easily available at the door will help me keep the van cleaner and Joey’s leash will be there when needed.

One obstacle was the step stool. It should be simple to put together, while being sturdy and safe to use. At the same time, being stored where it is used, without adding more random odds and ends to the living area of the van.

I figured out that I could use the newly created storage space to store a properly designed step stool too. So I set out to draft a unique design, that would fit within the allocated area. The result is this friction-fit, collapsible step stool, with a truck bed liner finish. A yellow-colored abrasive anti-slip tape on each of the threads will be added at a later time.

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