Van Ceiling Panel – Part IV

In the previous video I was unsuccessful in attaching the ceiling panel with the 3M Dual Lock, velcro-type fastener. Today I have a different approach and use the van’s own hydraulic jack with an extension pole, to force the Dual Lock strips together.

It is a slow process, where I follow each of the two ceiling cross members from side to side and apply force to the panel where the strips of Dual Lock meet.

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Van Ceiling Panel – Part II

I continue where I left off in the previous article Van Ceiling Panel Part I. As a reminder, I use an automotive tweed protected against daily wear and UV, very similar in color and texture as the front seats of the van.

In this video, I start by gluing the edges of the fabric to the plywood panel and cut the holes in the fabric, where the puck lights will come and glue the fabric there too. After I spray the glue, the 3M 77 will dry to a tacky feel within a few minutes; then you can finish be applying the tweed.

With the glue is dry to the touch, I pull up the fabric for a sharp edge and then fold it over onto the surface of the panel. Finish with a few strokes of a J-Roller. Try to avoid too much fabric at the outside corners, otherwise the thickness will become obvious.

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Foldable Step Stool & Storage

It took me a couple of weeks, from design to installation, yet the final result is better than expected.

The idea for this project started with a comment from one of my subscribers. He suggested to close the lower step-in area at the sliding door, in favor of a one-piece, flat floor. Eliminating the chance of a strained ankle from stumbling into the lower step area and gaining some more walking space in the already small living area of the van.

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building a collapsible RV step stool

Creating a foldable step stool for the Transit van. After being made aware of the possibility to close up the step-in area, I went ahead by making some plans for a step stool, that could be readily disassembled and stored in the former step-in area.

All the wood will be Hard Maple as it is readily available to me. I expect regular maintenance of the step stool or early replacement, as it will have to withstand the daily weather. A better choice would be plastic, but that’s not a material, I can work with.

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Recycling Shower in a Sprinter Van

recycling van shower

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Taking an ordinary shower in a Van remains an unresolved issue.

Two things come to mind, when designing a minimal Van shower:

  1. The actual shower pan.
    Multiple solutions are available, like the Shower-In-A-Drawer that I installed recently. A more elegant way is shown is this video, but this is one that involves a major rebuild of the floor of the van; something that most of us wouldn’t want to do.
  2. Limited amount of water.
    Even with a full built-in shower, a boondocking van usually carries only a limited amount of water, thus minimizing the number of showers you can take when you’re parked on a far-away site for an extensive period of time.
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