Webasto Gas Heater – Part 4

I continue the installation of the Webasto Gas Heater by removing the passenger seat and pedestal. The hydraulic car jack that is stored under the seat will be moved to another location. To achieve a good seal between the heater and the floor, I install a separate base plate and seal it with some silicone. Then drill the holes for the heater. Finally the heater is inserted in the holes of the floor and attached with four bolts.

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Webasto Gas Heater – Part II

Installation of the fuel pump, Rheostat and wire run.

After unpacking the Webasto Gas Heater, I continue building the upper cabinet, including the Rheostat installation. Another unfinished job, was the removal of the van’s jack, which is located inside the passenger side seat’s pedestal, to make room for the heater. Finally, the fuel pump is installed close to where the fuel line enters the gas tank. I pull part of the power wire, that runs to the batteries, including the wires for the main light switch.

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Recycling Shower in a Sprinter Van

recycling van shower

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Taking an ordinary shower in a Van remains an unresolved issue.

Two things come to mind, when designing a minimal Van shower:

  1. The actual shower pan.
    Multiple solutions are available, like the Shower-In-A-Drawer that I installed recently. A more elegant way is shown is this video, but this is one that involves a major rebuild of the floor of the van; something that most of us wouldn’t want to do.
  2. Limited amount of water.
    Even with a full built-in shower, a boondocking van usually carries only a limited amount of water, thus minimizing the number of showers you can take when you’re parked on a far-away site for an extensive period of time.
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