Faucet, Clothesline & Laminate

This week three small van projects. I install a kitchen touch faucet, a clothesline and begin working on a dozen or so cabinet doors and drawer faces.

Kitchen Faucet

The kitchen faucet is operated by touch (once calibrated); this should be a great water-saving feature and a better replacement for a foot operated on-off switch.

This time I only do the install of the faucet; connecting the water lines, will be done with all the other plumbing.

A Forstner bit is used to drill a hole through the Mahogany countertop, including a second plywood layer underneath. The exposed wood is covered with some poly-urethane for long-term protection.

The faucet installation requires me to temporarily remove the countertop. I also add a ‘gravity ball’ (a weight on the water line) to keep the nozzle in place.

Indoor/Outdoor Clothesline

A retractable clothesline is added out-of-sight at the rear of the van. Not regularly used, but as a backup for those times that I am remotely boondocking without access to a laundry or just to hang a wet coat after I return from a rainy dog walk.

The location also allows me to extend the line to outside, when the rear doors are open.

I use small screw eye hooks at opposite sides of the van walls to guide the line from side to side.

Cabinet Laminate

In this final stage of the build, I decided to start working on the cabinet doors and drawer faces.

Each item needs six pieces of laminate (front, back, left, right, top and bottom) and with around 20 pieces to work on, I will be busy for days, cutting every piece, glue it on, let it dry, route the edges and do it all over again.

I use white Formica, in matte on the inside surfaces and with a glossy appearance on the more visible, exterior sides.

The 4 x 8 sheets of Formica are a custom order, that is sent rolled up in a compact cardboard box. Working with it poses some challenges as a single person.


Touch Kitchen Faucet
Retractable Clothesline
Bluetti EB55 Power Station
Forstner Bits
Contact Cement
1/2in Plywood

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