Victron Smart Devices

The installation of a Victron Smart Solar Controller and a Victron Orion Smart DC-DC Converter as part of my vanconversion.

The “Smart” part of this, is the ability to access the settings and output values of these devices through Bluetooth.

While the DC-DC Converter is a new addition to the electrical system of the van, the Victron Solar Controller replaces a cheaper controller with less specific Lithium settings and without Bluetooth access.

The DC-DC Converter

Both devices will be placed against the wall on a thin piece of metal flashing as required in the instructions. Both can produce a large amount of heat, that can dissipate through these large heat sinks.

After I used bolts and screws to attach both devices to the wall, I continue with the installation of a thick power cable between the DC-DC Converter and the CCP (Customer Connection Point – 12V connection to the battery/alternator at the driver’s seat of my Ford Transit).

After adding the positive and ground to the converter, but before adding a connecion to the batteries, I can access and change the settings of the converter through Bluetooth.

Finally the the connection to the batteries is made.

The Solar Controller

The replacement of the controller is much easier, as all the wiring is already in place. Two cables from the 405W solar roof array are attached followed by two cables to the Lithium batteries.

Bluetooth Access

The free Victron app allows for easy access to the settings and output of both devices.

Use of the app shows the voltage of the starter battery but the converter only works when the van’s engine is running. It automatically senses when the engine is started (or stopped) and charging begins. A max 30 Amps will go to the battery bank; additional units can increase that by 30A at a time.

The solar controller displays the number of watts produced by the solar array, the input voltage and amperage and the adjusted output voltage and amperage to the battery bank.

A graphic display shows the bulk and absorption rates for each day over a 30-day range, including an all-time Watt-hour amount.


Victron Smart Orion Non-Isolated DC-DC Converter
Victron Smart Solar Controller
Hydraulic Crimper
Welding Wire
Pull Wire
Victron App
Zip ties
Wire Cutter

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