my trip to the 2019 rtr

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The conversion of my van has been a slow-going process, primarily because the weekly videos on YouTube and the other social media are taking too much time away from the conversion.
junction tx boondocking
Schreiner Park, Junction, TX

But that was all part of the planning as I had decided that 2020 should be the year that I move into the van on a permanent basis. Currently I use my van as a daily vehicle and regularly use it to spend a weekend boondocking. With the new van, that was usually very local, as it was still an empty van; with progress of the van build, the trips have exceedingly become longer and further away from the home.

With most of the primary amenities installed, it was time for a well-thought out test drive, to check out the functionality of the van and the possible issues with any of the devices.

It is also time to consider, how to fill in the lifestyle, once I have left my home for the mobile life. I don’t want to end up sitting in front of the van all and every day, without a purpose.

The 2019 RTR meetup was an excellent opportunity to do a test run, though the large distance between Florida and Arizona did make me reconsider, but ultimately I made the decision to go.

NM Rest Area Drinkwater
Drinkwater at NM Rest Area
ford transit conversion van
Boondocking at the RTR

This video shows how much fun I had!

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