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Murphy Bed Installation


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A fold-up Murphy bed for a van is the ultimate space saver and a little effort can create a unique furniture piece.

rv murphy bedMuch work has gone into it and more is waiting to be added. So far the lower cabinets and the bed are finished and the upper cabinets will follow soon. A modern oil painting with Continue reading Murphy Bed Installation

Solar Controller & Breaker Box

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Solar Power has put Vandwelling within reach of ordinary people. So, with full-time RVing in mind, I have begun with the installation of some solar components.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert at this and this is not a How-To guide. 12V can KILL you; consult an expert first.

The very basic power source in an RV has always been the trusted lead-acid battery. That suddenly allowed you to have some (very) basic amenities, such as lights, but still required regular if not daily visits to a campground or other place where one could recharge it. Continue reading Solar Controller & Breaker Box

This Is How Your Van Is Going To Look Like

Several car companies are designing and building electric vans and in the next couple of years and consumers will have a choice of vehicles to choose from. Major obstacles still remain, such as driving range and charging capabilities.

For vandwellers, the idea of a full-electric van for boondocking is still unrealistic and hard to imagine. While range anxiety is a valid concern at 125 miles, the newest electric passenger vehicles manage to go beyond 300 miles and vans likely will follow the same path. Continue reading This Is How Your Van Is Going To Look Like

Design Changes

The design for the van conversion keeps evolving, while it is under construction.

closet-cadThe Murphy Bed/Desk is slowly taking shape, but many of its intricate details face constant scrutiny. When work on the bed frame started, I had to make sure, that the adjoining closet would fit well in the overall design. Two issues reappeared:
Sufficient storage width for a kayak is limited by the cabinets on both sides of the interior.
Walking space inside the living area must be maximized. Continue reading Design Changes

Murphy Bed Design

Adding a bed to the van is the second, larger interior project that I’m working on and probably the most important addition to the RV.

cargo-van-murphy-bedWhile the van conversion process should follow a specific order, so-far I’ve deviated from that, to create a (very) basic setup, that will sustain me on short trips, until the conversion has completed. Access to 12V, privacy, flooring, vents and a bed are all I need for the moment to be reasonably comfortable on short road trips.
The bed has a simple design, with many complicated requirements added to the construction. I decided a long time ago, that living space is crucial for a well-designed recreational vehicle. Continue reading Murphy Bed Design

When A Bathroom Makes Sense Or Not!

One of the premises of this van conversion is to build an affordable, yet comfortable RV/Camper. Including a full bathroom, would go a long way to achieve that.

Exploring the issues around showers and toilets soon reveal many of the limitations that come with a smaller sized Cargo Van. The Ford Transit, Ram ProMaster and MB Sprinter are featured with many different length and height options, that will determine how fancy you can go in the plumbing department. Continue reading When A Bathroom Makes Sense Or Not!

Another Van Layout, Another Decision

It is a long process creating a practical, yet pleasant design & layout for a van conversion. From determining which features to include, to a proper layout, many weeks or months go by before the design starts making sense.

While I’m still waiting for the new van to arrive, some decisions have to be made soon. The layout of the van has been improving over time and I’m very happy with the Murphy bed/desk facing the sliding doors.

The rear kitchen is a nice feature, but I’ve been struggling with the bike storage and in particular the bathroom. The latter occupies a lot of space in a van where every square foot counts. Despite that, using that same bathroom will always be uncomfortable. With a medium roof van, height is barely enough to stand straight and the 2ft by 3ft bathroom less the toilet offers a very tight shower. Continue reading Another Van Layout, Another Decision