Murphy Bed Installation

  Watch all my videos on YouTube!  A fold-up Murphy bed for a van is the ultimate space saver and a little effort can create a unique furniture piece. Much work has gone into it and more is waiting to be added. So far the lower cabinets and the bed are finished and the upper… Continue reading Murphy Bed Installation

12V System Setup

Watch all my videos on YouTube! Now the solar wiring is in the interior of the van, I still have to attach it to the breaker box and solar charge controller. The #8 AWG wire transitions to a #6 AWG wire at the breaker box, to minimize voltage drop, and continues to the bus bars.… Continue reading 12V System Setup

Roof Vent – MaxxAir 6200K

The roof vent in an integral part of the ventilation, cooling and insulation plans. Living in an RV, one constantly faces the issue of cooling & heating and lowering humidity levels. With only few choices, I decided to install a MaxxAir vent; its ability to remain open, when rain is pouring down, made it a… Continue reading Roof Vent – MaxxAir 6200K

Roof Vent Considerations

Converting a van often means that you’re working on multiple individual projects at the same time. Currently the Murphy bed with desk has my focus and when that work stagnates, I switch over to a secondary project: the roof vent. That happens when you run out of materials or just when you only have a… Continue reading Roof Vent Considerations

Keeping Your RV Cool With A Hidden Floor Vent

Temperature, ventilation and condensation are some of the issues that complicates RV living. But keeping the vehicle cool and free from humidity and condensation may be addressed by installing a floor vent. A floor vent in combination with a standard roof vent, should produce enough natural convection, that the airflow could sustain itself. By placing… Continue reading Keeping Your RV Cool With A Hidden Floor Vent

Today’s Snapshot

I’ve been working on the floor vent in my Ford Transit and with a direct opening to the outside, I decided to put a temporary screen, made from a gutter screen, on the existing opening under the van, right behind the B pillar.

Are Floor Vents The Solution For A Hot Problem?

Floor ventilation for small RV’s could be an untapped resource, that has the potential to considerably reduce interior heat gain in off-grid locations and to significantly lower energy needs for 12V refrigerators. Floor Vent Research For The Small RV Boondocking is getting more popular as a cheap alternative for the full-time RV’er. For those of… Continue reading Are Floor Vents The Solution For A Hot Problem?