Murphy Bed Installation


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A fold-up Murphy bed for a van is the ultimate space saver and a little effort can create a unique furniture piece.

rv murphy bedMuch work has gone into it and more is waiting to be added. So far the lower cabinets and the bed are finished and the upper cabinets will follow soon. A modern oil painting with bright primary colors is in the works, and will contrast the glossy white bed surface during daytime hours, when it is in upright position. At a later time, a foldable desk will be added to the bed, with it’s own picture, to add sophistication to the interior design of the van.
The bed size is 40” x 71”, which almost accommodates a regular twin mattress. A 6 inch memory foam mattress can be shortened a few inches, to make a perfect fit.
This design can be modified for any Ford Transit, MB Sprinter, Dodge ProMaster or other cargo van.

View many more videos of the entire Murphy Bed build here!

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  1. Hi! I just watched your video on Murphy bed and I thought it was great. I own a “05” sprinter van that I use for long distance deliveries. A Murphy bed would sure help on cargo space. I’m living in Fort Lauderdale Florida at the momen and would like to corospond with you if possible. Thank you

    1. Hi Tim,
      Thanks for watching! There many cargo vans that have a removable interior, but a Murphy bed is a great addition.
      I’m located north of Tampa, on the west coast, but you can always comment here on the website or contact me at: [email protected]
      Have a great weekend!
      Van Williams
  2. In reference to one of your videos where you were trying to locate and install a grey water storage tank you can contact Atlas and they will build a water storage tank to fit your vehicle

    1. Hi Lee,
      Thank you for your feedback. As you may have seen in the video, I already did order a tank. Actually, that was a few days ago; I received the tank this afternoon. I will have a look at their website and may keep them as a future reference.
      Van Williams

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