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Design Changes

The design for the van conversion keeps evolving, while it is under construction.

closet-cadThe Murphy Bed/Desk is slowly taking shape, but many of its intricate details face constant scrutiny. When work on the bed frame started, I had to make sure, that the adjoining closet would fit well in the overall design. Two issues reappeared:
Sufficient storage width for a kayak is limited by the cabinets on both sides of the interior.
Walking space inside the living area must be maximized. Continue reading Design Changes

Another Van Layout, Another Decision

It is a long process creating a practical, yet pleasant design & layout for a van conversion. From determining which features to include, to a proper layout, many weeks or months go by before the design starts making sense.

While I’m still waiting for the new van to arrive, some decisions have to be made soon. The layout of the van has been improving over time and I’m very happy with the Murphy bed/desk facing the sliding doors.

The rear kitchen is a nice feature, but I’ve been struggling with the bike storage and in particular the bathroom. The latter occupies a lot of space in a van where every square foot counts. Despite that, using that same bathroom will always be uncomfortable. With a medium roof van, height is barely enough to stand straight and the 2ft by 3ft bathroom less the toilet offers a very tight shower. Continue reading Another Van Layout, Another Decision

How To Design Your Conversion Van Layout

Buying a new cargo van brings with it a complete new design of the interior of the van. During the last few months, I have been working on some ideas that make it stand out from the standard van conversions. One such idea is incorporating a Murphy bed, that creates more living space during the daytime, while avoiding the fold of a sleeper sofa.

In addition to the bed, I have been playing around with a rear storage area and a desk design with a built-in wall picture. The rear kitchen fascinates me and the bathroom still poses problems to the design. Continue reading How To Design Your Conversion Van Layout

Fulltime RVing Is The Right Choice (If You Can!)

Before deciding to convert your own cargo van, you should find out if full-time living in an RV will fit your lifestyle and your budget. Or you may choose for extended RV camping, where you use leave home for a few months, like the Canadian snowbirds each winter.

You can go from a small Class B van, all the way up to a full-size bus or choose to go with a truck/trailer combination, with the latter having a separate vehicle to drive with. Cost varies between a few $1,000’s for a used van with mattress and a few cabinets, up to a $500,000 for your dream bus.
Continue reading Fulltime RVing Is The Right Choice (If You Can!)

How To Transform A Bed Into A Work Desk & More

Going from bed to family room with TV and picture and finally to work desk, may be the ultimate task, that I set for myself, yet it may be the perfect solution for comfortable living in a small space, such as a converted cargo van.

In finding the best layout for the new cargo van conversion, I have been tinkering with a large, elevated bed in the rear with storage space below for bikes.

Continue reading How To Transform A Bed Into A Work Desk & More

Magazine Rack (3)

Assembly and Finishing

All the parts are now ready for assembly.


Now that all the parts are ready, it’s time to glue and clamp everything together.


After a couple of hours drying time, the rack gets a final sanding.


A quarter is used to indicate the corners at the top of the two side panels. They are sanded off on a edge sander.


After working on it for some time, I decided not to attach the pencil holder.


The final step is the finishing. First remove the dust with some pressurized air.


The rack is flooded with some tung oil which is allowed to penetrate the wood. After a few minutes the excess is removed with a paper towel.


The next day the rack is sanded again with 400 or 500 grit sandpaper.


Two or three layers of shellac are applied to the surface, each with a sanding in between.


After the final layer of shellac it gets a light sanding with 0000 steel wool. Followed with a good coat of furniture wax.

Ready for some magazines, a journal, writing paper or even your IPad. The magazine rack will be directly attached to the wall with a few screws thru the back.

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