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Deep Cycle Batteries

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The final episode of the complete installation of ETFE Flexible solar panels, wiring, roof entry, solar charge controller and deep cycle batteries. I end with a bit of testing of the output of these solar panels.

So far the installation is complete up to and including the solar charge controller and bus bars. While the long term plans are still to use a Lithium battery bank, for now I’ll be installing two Duracell Ultra Golf Cart 6V deep cycle batteries. Continue reading Deep Cycle Batteries

12V System Setup

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Now the solar wiring is in the interior of the van, I still have to attach it to the breaker box and solar charge controller.

The #8 AWG wire transitions to a #6 AWG wire at the breaker box, to minimize voltage drop, and continues to the bus bars. Meanwhile, I clean up the wiring with cable ties.

I add a 12 count fuse block and connect the wiring to the bus bars. Then the roof vent is connected to the fuse block with a 16 gauge wire. The roof vent allows me to fully test this 12V system.

This minimal setup is now ready for the batteries, which is shown in the next video.

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Installing A Cable Gland

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Now that the solar panels are installed and roof wiring added, it’s time for the cable gland to lead the MC4 cabling into the interior of the vehicle.

While black cable glands are readily available, I ordered the wrong color and had to paint it to remain somewhat stealthy. I used a primer before applying the black paint, that I used before on the flange of the roof vent. Continue reading Installing A Cable Gland

Solar Panel Wiring

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Following the installation of the Flexible Solar Panels, I continue by wiring them up. For that, I’m only using the cables that come with the panels, plus a few MC4 (branch) connectors.

The 12 AWG panel cables are sufficient to carry the collective amperage over the short distance of the panels; by adding a 8 AWG MC4 extension cable towards the interior of the van, I can reduce the wires to a single positive and negative cable. Continue reading Solar Panel Wiring

Solar Controller & Breaker Box

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Solar Power has put Vandwelling within reach of ordinary people. So, with full-time RVing in mind, I have begun with the installation of some solar components.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert at this and this is not a How-To guide. 12V can KILL you; consult an expert first.

The very basic power source in an RV has always been the trusted lead-acid battery. That suddenly allowed you to have some (very) basic amenities, such as lights, but still required regular if not daily visits to a campground or other place where one could recharge it. Continue reading Solar Controller & Breaker Box

This Is How Your Van Is Going To Look Like

Several car companies are designing and building electric vans and in the next couple of years and consumers will have a choice of vehicles to choose from. Major obstacles still remain, such as driving range and charging capabilities.

For vandwellers, the idea of a full-electric van for boondocking is still unrealistic and hard to imagine. While range anxiety is a valid concern at 125 miles, the newest electric passenger vehicles manage to go beyond 300 miles and vans likely will follow the same path. Continue reading This Is How Your Van Is Going To Look Like

Wall Panel Issues

It was time to make the final fit of the wall panel, that sits behind the Murphy Bed and that forms the background of a closet and side of the rear kitchen.

wall panel cargo vanThe length of the 8′ x 4′ (244cm x 122cm) plywood panel, is just shy of what’s needed to cover the rear window, but that is solved by extending the window support. The cut-outs for the ceiling cross beams fit tightly and the top corner, behind the driver’s seat, fits snuggly around the side airbag location. Continue reading Wall Panel Issues

RV Hookup Cable

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Boondocking is the primary use of this stealth van, yet a 15 amp RV hookup cable will be installed to connect the electrical system to the grid, when hookups are available.

Commercial campgrounds have never been my favorite places to stay, as I prefer the immersion that only nature can provide. But sometimes, when your black water tank fills up, fresh water is needed or your batteries run low, a campground visit may be required. Some form of access to the electrical system of the RV is necessary. Continue reading RV Hookup Cable

The $13,000.00 eSupro Electric Van

India has been at the forefront of car development at price points, well below of what we expect in the US. The latest entry is Mahindra’s eSupro electric van at a price around $13,000.00.

mahindra esuproIt has some interesting specifications:

A New All-Electric Tesla Cargo Van

Tesla Motors cargo vanA new all-electric Tesla cargo van is unlikely to be produced for many years, but the likelihood was first mentioned when CEO Elon Musk recently discussed his future plans with the company.
The electric van could be built on the truck chassis, used for the pickup truck that may hit the market next year.

Tesla Motors has never committed itself to an electric cargo van, yet it would make sense as it could feature electric outlets for power tools powered by the vehicle’s battery pack. For RV’ers, an integrated battery bank with optimized charging capabilities could be the real nirvana.