Deep Cycle Batteries

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The final episode of the complete installation of ETFE Flexible solar panels, wiring, roof entry, solar charge controller and deep cycle batteries. I end with a bit of testing of the output of these solar panels.

So far the installation is complete up to and including the solar charge controller and bus bars. While the long term plans are still to use a Lithium battery bank, for now I’ll be installing two Duracell Ultra Golf Cart 6V deep cycle batteries.

After finding the right location for these two batteries, I start working on the battery cables. The batteries have to be connected in series, to create a 12V storage unit; that means connecting one positive with a negative terminal.

For the cables I use welding cables, which have lots of copper strands and are flexible and easy to install. It is a #2 AWG cable with a 5/16” hole for the terminal connection. Finished with glue supported heat shrink.

Cable connections are often underrated additions to the system. I use a hydraulic cable crimper, to create an optimal connection. After both batteries are connected to each other, two additional #2 AWG cables are created, to make a link between the batteries and the bus bars (with a 5/16” lug on the battery side and a 1/4” lug on the bus bar side).

I disengage the circuit breakers at the charge controller, before the battery cables are attached to the bus bars. When all components are ready, I initiate the controller meter and allow the batteries to get a full charge.

During the upcoming months and years, I will post reviews and performance reports on the entire system, but particularly the flexible solar panels, as little concrete information is available about these ‘second generation’ flexible panels.

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  1. Have been following your build. I am almost 72 years and have a 2017 Transit 250 that I want to convert.
    I live in Chesnee, SC.
    My phone number is 864-266-1633. I would like to meet you and see your van if possible.
    Bill Sherbert

    1. Hi Bill,
      I am located in Central Florida, but visited Anderson SC last year. Could have come by if I’d known then 🙂
      Good for you and your plans to do a conversion. I assume you’re having more spare time to work on it and do it slowly, but more accurately.
      Would love to meet you, but with all the Youtube video subscribers and the work around it, it’s getting a bit hectic here. Wanted to do a few trips this summer and may be able to schedule something then, so keep in touch.

      Van Williams

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