Solar Panel Wiring

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Following the installation of the Flexible Solar Panels, I continue by wiring them up. For that, I’m only using the cables that come with the panels, plus a few MC4 (branch) connectors.

The 12 AWG panel cables are sufficient to carry the collective amperage over the short distance of the panels; by adding a 8 AWG MC4 extension cable towards the interior of the van, I can reduce the wires to a single positive and negative cable.

I keep the wiring as short as possible, by shortening the wire lenths to a minimum, the roof clutter is reduced, but more importantly, voltage drop within the lines is minimized, while wire size is lessened. The first two panels are joined to each other by means of MC4 branch connectors and the third panel is added after that.

Small cable tie mounts are used to fasten the wiring to the roof; 3M VHB tape replaces replaces the sticky tape, for a better hold to the roof of the van. A heavier MC4 extension cable will continue to the solar components inside.

The placement of the cable gland and other solar components inside the van are the next steps of this installation.

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    1. Hi Lucy,
      Yes, parallel. 3x 135W – 5.7A – 29.4V.
      Total 405W – 17.1A – 29.4V.
      The controller reverts it to approx. 14V ~30A (max).
      I use the cables which are part of each panel ad shorten them when possible. Those wires are heavy enough to do that, but from the third panel on, I use a #8 wire to extend into the van.
      Van Williams

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